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Explore the FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your event journey with us.
  • Renting event decor from us is a straightforward process. Start by browsing our wide selection of amazing Reclamation gowns, including one of a kind, custom sizing, and even some more regular chic pieces. Once you've chosen the gown that match your style and inspo, add to your cart and proceed to checkout. Specify the date of your session, and make sure to leave at least 4 days for shipping to your chosen location. After your session is done, simply pack the gowns back into their original packaging and use the return label sent via email to send it back to Kindred or to the next renter. It's an stress-free way to get an epic gown without having to fully purchase it for a one time use! 

  • The general sizing for all the gowns is small to xlarge unless it’s stated in the information under each gown. 

    The dress sizing would be 4-16 

    in some cases it will state a size 2 smallest

  • At this time Kindred Soul does not have a store front and is strictly an online // shipping rental. If you would prefer to do a try on rental only, send an email to me directly to set up a one day try on rental.